GCP Division

The GCP Division focuses on timely topics and issues that help JSQA members improve and polish their knowledge and skills.

During the 9th term (April 2008- March 2010), the GCP Division energetically investigates the latest topics that accurately reflect changes in the clinical trial environment, and also reviews our past deliverables in view of the latest trends, laws, regulations and guidelines. In this way the GCP Division continues its efforts to make techniques both more efficient and more effective. The GCP Division’s policies for this term are described below.

  1. Support all members to obtain the useful research results for qualitative improvements in their QA activities related to clinical trials, and make effective and efficient proposals.
  2. Provide opportunities to the members to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for their activities in JSQA, and share the information among all members.

Followings are five main research themes of the GCP Division in this term.

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